Regular activities at the Centre take place during the day or in the evening.
These activities are organised by individual groups for the enjoyment of their members and, as can be seen by the large number of differing groups above, the individual should have no problem in finding a group of like-minded individuals to join and enjoy.
There is also the added advantage of joining your new friends in the bar for a refreshing drink afterwards.

Timetable : (Please note that only non-weekly activities have a date assigned.)

Monday Indoor Bowls09:0012:00Main Hall
Monday Playmakers20:0022:00Small Hall
Monday F & D Dog Training20:0023:00Main Hall
Tuesday Short Tennis14:0016:00Main Hall
Tuesday K9 Services19:0021:00Small Hall
Thursday Indoor Bowls09:0012:00Main Hall
Thursday Phoenix Choir20:0022:00Small Hall
Afternoon Tea Dance
F&D Dog Training
Indoor Bowls
Kay9 Services
Mytchett W.I.
Short Tennis
Stroke Clinic
Table Tennis