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The Centre is becoming the place to learn all the latest dance moves.
This is the place that will enable you to be the envy of your friends.
Fitness seems to becoming the new buzz word, the number of different clubs that teach and practice fitness routines are increasing.
We believe that the ones who operate from the Centre are amongst the best in the area. They are all staffed with instructors who really believe in what they are doing and enjoy passing on their knowledge to others.

Timetable : (Please note that only non-weekly classes have a date assigned.)

Monday Pilates09:3010:30John West
Monday Moves Fitness19:0020:00Main Hall
Tuesday Pilates09:3010:30John West
Tuesday Activ8 Fitness09:3010:45Main Hall
Tuesday Line Dancing19:0023:00Main Hall
Wednesday Tai Chi Quigong10:0011:00Main Hall
Wednesday Line Dancing - Beginners12:0013:00Main Hall
Wednesday Line Dancing - Intermediate13:3015:00Main Hall
Wednesday Briar Dance Academy15:4518:30Main Hall
Wednesday Briar Dance Academy16:3019:45Small Hall
Wednesday Slimming World (1)17:1519:00John West
Wednesday Slimming World (2)19:1521:00John West
Wednesday Ceroc19:3023:00Small Hall
Thursday Moves Fitness19:0020:00Main Hall
Friday Slimming World09:1511:30John West
Friday06/04/2018Line Dancing - All Levels20:0023:00Main Hall
Tuesday17/04/2018Line Dancing - Socials20:3022:45Main Hall
Friday04/05/2018Line Dancing - All Levels20:0023:00Main Hall
Tuesday15/05/2018Line Dancing - Socials20:3022:45Main Hall
Friday01/06/2018Line Dancing - All Levels20:0023:00Main Hall
Tuesday19/06/2018Line Dancing - Socials20:3022:45Main Hall
Friday06/07/2018Line Dancing - All Levels20:0023:00Main Hall
Tuesday17/07/2018Line Dancing - Socials20:3022:45Main Hall
Friday03/08/2018Line Dancing - All Levels20:0023:00Main Hall
Tuesday21/08/2018Line Dancing - Socials20:3022:45Main Hall
Friday07/09/2018Line Dancing - All Levels20:0023:00Main Hall
Tuesday18/09/2018Line Dancing - Socials20:3022:45Main Hall
Friday05/10/2018Line Dancing - All Levels20:0023:00Main Hall
Tuesday16/10/2018Line Dancing - Socials20:3022:45Main Hall
Friday02/11/2018Line Dancing - All Levels20:0023:00Main Hall
Tuesday20/11/2018Line Dancing - Socials20:3022:45Main Hall
Friday07/12/2018Line Dancing - All Levels20:0023:00Main Hall
Tuesday18/12/2018Line Dancing - Socials20:3022:45Main Hall
Briar Dance Academy
Line Dancing
Moves Fitness
Slimming World
Tai Chi Quigong